The raw aesthetics of Condition origin are enhancing imperfections. In the essence of this approach is acknowledging impermanence as a reality of being.

Condition Origin

Where use of the object does not diminish its value but enhances its qualities by accepting character of the material. Connecting us in everyday life with our origins while evoking more present conscious state of mind.

In this concept of thinking we are contemplating about the original condition of human state with all the vulnerabilities of the body and mind referring to the materiality of this world. Believing the things we surround ourselves with in everyday life can make us more or less connected with our nature and influence our behaviour.

Creating balance between emptiness, contemplation and functionality.

Zuzana Hlivarova is a Slovakian artist living in Paris. She started to work with clay together with yoga practice in 2015. It became part of her own way to rediscover herself. Her works are interacting with the outside world, slowly evolving and communicating desire as much as its absence. Evocative shapes taking on anthropological character almost as if they have a personality. Being a subject and an object at the same time, exchanging between their inside and the outside.

‘’My approach to clay has always been very loose and intuitive. As I was working with organic material, I did not just try to speak but I listened. I found out the practice became soon very healing. I was engaging my subconsciousness mind in a connected way.’’






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